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A message on healthcare reform from MSNJ’s 217th President, Joseph H. Reichman, MD

The healthcare debate and the pursuit of adequate reform has consumed the summer of 2009.  On a national level, there have been town hall meetings that have erupted into all-out shouting matches with our elected officials and slew of information, factual and fictional, that has been distributed for public consumption.

MSNJ has issued a statement calling for patient centered healthcare reform in response to HR 3200.  MSNJ offers ideas and insight on effective healthcare reform that works for patients and physicians.

Also, Michael Maves, MD, Executive Vice President/CEO of the American Medical Association has asked us to forward their message on Health System Reform to our members.  I ask that you also review this and comment as you see fit.

MSNJ is actively providing what we believe is high-quality information published to provide clarity to a complex healthcare situation that will have a dramatic effect on how the healthcare delivery system functions.  For continuously updated information visit:

Please get involved and offer up your input.  We have the power and technology to make our voices heard.  We can all agree that massive change is coming our way and will have a direct impact on our profession even if we don’t agree on how we will get there.

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The personal benefits of membership

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