54 AMHE Physicians, Surgeons, Orthopedists, Nurses on the way in Haiti

A message from the President of the Association of Haitian Physicians

Dear Friends,

The Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad with the acronym AMHE with chapters along the east coast and Montreal representing 10% of all black physicians in the US again expresses to all its deepest sorrow for this unparalleled tragedy that has afflicted our country.

For the past five years, we have worked with the Minister of Health in Haiti to address a few challenges and we stand ready to roll our sleeves, help again with a short term and a long term plan.

On day one, we have activated our AMHE Medical Relief mission Task force to inquire, assess the needs through a member of the mission in the field Dr Aldy Castor and Dr Claude Surena AMH (Association Medical Haitienne) President, our sister organization in Haiti.

On Thursday the 14th January 2010, a group of ten of our members were sent to Port-au-prince via Miami, Florida. One Report from Haiti outlined:

“The biggest challenge is to perform surgeries on site. Ninety percent of patients are in dire need of surgery. Great need for Tetanus vaccines, antibiotics (IV and PO) IV fluids, disinfectants, autoclaves to sterilize material, sheets, scrubs, etc. We need volunteers with clipboards and paper to document the care to create a database of the patients. Creole speaking staff needed. Communication makes a big difference.”

Therefore, today AMHE dispatched a group of 54 physicians, orthopedists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses.

We plan to send close to 200 physicians and nurses by the end of next week.

We will work with other groups to maintain a smooth operation. We have touched base with Dr Alix Lassegue Medical director of the state university hospital and Dr William Pape of Gheskio with “slightly injured knee due to fallen concrete”.

The Ultimate goal is to alleviate pain and suffering of the proud people of Haiti struggling with the aftermath of a monstrous earthquake.

To register, Volunteers will call 718 2451015 or go to the our web site http://www.amhe.org

Make your checks to AMHE Foundation.

We want to thank the United States President Barrack Obama and his administration, the United Nations and the all international community for a quick response to the disaster in Haiti.


Christian Lauriston, MD

President AMHE

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One response to “54 AMHE Physicians, Surgeons, Orthopedists, Nurses on the way in Haiti”

  1. timothy finley says :

    I’m an Anesthesiologist leaving for Haiti on the 20th of January. I will be going to Milot with a trauma team and I believe an Ortho team. We are going to help staff Crudem hospital in Milot. There are two functioning ORs. There is a soccer field near by where helicopters can land and in fact the coast guard has airlifted several patients succesfully. Please send your surgical patients to us when possible.

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