e-News Roundup- June 16, 2011

Medicare Changes Annual Enrollment Process
This year, Highmark Medicare Services will not mail CDs to Medicare providers alerting them to the open enrollment period and providing other information. Instead, Highmark will mail post cards. Read more.

Five-Minute Survey on Palliative Patient/Family Interactions & Pain/Symptom Management
Palliative medicine, a relatively new and growing medical subspecialty, is focused on improving quality of life–and quality of care–for seriously ill patients and family caregivers from the time of diagnosis, during aggressive treatments and beyond.  Aging baby boomers are expected to double the approximately 90,000,000 Americans now living with serious and life-threatening illness over the next 25 years. While there were almost no palliative care programs in U.S. hospitals just 10 years ago, the Center for the Advancement of Palliative Care (CAPC) reports that, “In the last five years alone, access to palliative care in our nation′s hospitals has more than doubled.”

MSNJ & Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice Survey have teamed up to poll physicians on their confidence level in addressing these issues. Click here to take the five-minute survey

The next Policy & Strategy Panel (PSP) meeting is scheduled for Thursday June 23 at 4:30 P.M. at the Medical Society of New Jersey Conference Center, located at 2 Princess Road in Lawrenceville, NJ. The PSP is a joint meeting of MSNJ’s administrative councils and committees that meets approximately six times per year to develop organizational policy on topics important to the health and healthcare in New Jersey. The physician members of the PSP investigate issues and topics in healthcare and recommend specific policy statements or actions to the MSNJ Board of Trustees. The PSP is co-chaired by the first vice president and president-elect of MSNJ.

The June 23rd agenda includes:

  • “Safety Features for High School and Collegiate Football: A Plan to Alter or Eliminate Kickoffs,” presented by Vincent K. McInerney, MD, Chair, MSNJ Committee on the Medical Aspects of Sports, with a special appearance by former New York Jets quarterback, Ray Lucas
  • Discussion of determinations of physician scope of practice by health insurers
  • E-prescribing principles and pending eRx legislation
  • Update on legislation

Licenses Expire on June 30; Physicians Urged to Renew Online
Members are urged to follow the directions in letters sent to them to renew on-line and to participate in a physician workforce survey. Licenses expire on June 30, 2011, unless renewed. Read more.

About MSNJ

Founded in 1766, the Medical Society of New Jersey is the oldest professional society in the United States. The organization and its dues-paying members are dedicated to a healthy New Jersey, working to ensure the sanctity of the physician–patient relationship. In representing all medical disciplines, MSNJ advocates for the rights of patients and physicians alike, for the delivery of the highest quality medical care. This allows response to the patients’ individual, varied needs, in an ethical and compassionate environment, in order to create a healthy Garden State and healthy citizens.

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