MSNJ Member Profile – Thomas Kloos, MD

Thomas Kloos, MD, is a member of the Medical Society of New Jersey and will be a featured panelist on Wednesday, December 14th at 8:00 am when MSNJ co-sponsors “Innovation through Collaboration: A Health Care Transformation Forum” along with the NJHA & Horizon Healthcare Innovation.  MSNJ recently asked Dr. Kloos to provide us with his vision on how Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) models will transform the way care is delivered in New Jersey.

MSNJ: Please tell us how you became interested in the implementation of Accountable Care Organization and Patient Centered Medical Home models.
Dr. Kloos: Both models allowed for the first time the elements of population management to occur at the physician level, and are developing mechanisms to make sure the patients who are part of your practice are receiving the care they need, rather than just those who show up in your office on any particular day.

MSNJ: How do you see healthcare being delivered in New Jersey in the next 3-5 years?
Dr. Kloos: I see an absolute need to shift to the development of high performing physician networks with greater collaboration among all stakeholders including the patient.

MSNJ: What role do you see hospitals and insurers having in the marketplace?
Dr. Kloos: Hospitals remain an essential part of the equation especially where opportunities exist for quality programs and transitions of care. Insurers, through development of novel collaborative programs with physicians and hospitals, as well as by placing the right financial incentives in place to drive change, can be the catalysts for new models of care delivery.

MSNJ: Will the financial benefit to physicians be better or worse if they sign up to participate in ACOs or PCMHs?
Dr. Kloos: For primary care physicians, there is no doubt it’s a positive, for specialists who become comfortable in partnering in these models there will also be a benefit in maintaining and expanding their referral base and opportunities for other outcome based payment models such as episodes of care, but it will be outcomes and value  driven.

Thomas Kloos, MD,  serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Optimus Healthcare Partners as well as President and Medical Director of Vista Health System IPA. He has been involved in all aspects of IPA development and growth since inception in 1995.

As medical director he managed full professional risk contracting and physician performance during the early years of the IPA. As President, he managed conversion to a messenger model IPA, and developed P4P and novel care coordination programs with major payors in the NJ market. Through the IPA he also advocated and supported primary care practices becoming BTE certified and transitioning to Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). On the payor side, he serves as Vice President of the Affiliated Physicians Health Plan, a self funded Multiple Employer Welfare Association (MEWA) in New Jersey with 7,000 covered lives which provide health insurance to small and medium sized physician and health related practices. Dr. Kloos is a board certified Internal Medicine practitioner in Warren NJ, NCQA certified in Diabetes Care, and a NCQA recognized Level III PCMH. He graduated from the University of Louisville Medical School in 1979, and Rutgers University in 1975, according to the website

For more information on the “Innovation through Collaboration: A Health Care Transformation Forum” please visit or click here to register online.  

About MSNJ

Founded in 1766, the Medical Society of New Jersey is the oldest professional society in the United States. The organization and its dues-paying members are dedicated to a healthy New Jersey, working to ensure the sanctity of the physician–patient relationship. In representing all medical disciplines, MSNJ advocates for the rights of patients and physicians alike, for the delivery of the highest quality medical care. This allows response to the patients’ individual, varied needs, in an ethical and compassionate environment, in order to create a healthy Garden State and healthy citizens.

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