MSNJ Press Release: Affordable Care Act (ACA) Supreme Court Decision

Today’s Supreme Court decision finding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) constitutional will have a significant impact on healthcare delivery in the United States.

While the Medical Society of New Jersey (MSNJ) did not support the passage of national healthcare reform legislation, largely because it did not address the sustainability of the Medicare and Medicaid programs and tort reform, MSNJ has a long history of supporting access to both affordable healthcare and affordable healthcare insurance.

Earlier this year, MSNJ supported the creation of a Health Insurance Exchange (Exchange) in New Jersey. This could increase competition and remove barriers in the healthcare insurance market so that more uninsured New Jersey residents may purchase affordable healthcare insurance with transparent terms. We stand ready to work with the Governor and the New Jersey Legislature to establish a robust Exchange. MSNJ fully supports expanding the availability of affordable healthcare insurance to our residents.

We are pleased for our patients that key provisions of the ACA, supported by MSNJ, were upheld by the Court including:

The elimination of pre-existing conditions as a barrier to coverage;

  • The right of parents to insure their children on their existing policies up to age 26; and
  • The elimination of maximum life-time caps on benefits.

MSNJ continues to have concerns about whether New Jersey has the physician capacity to treat all patients who will become eligible for Medicaid with expanded eligibility requirements. Because New Jersey has among the lowest payment rates for Medicaid in the nation, together with the highest practice costs, there is already a shortage of physicians who treat Medicaid patients. Expansion of the insured population through the Exchange and Medicaid will worsen the physician shortage.  We will further analyze the Court’s opinion and work with the Governor and the Legislature to address the needs of our state’s neediest population.

MSNJ is a tireless advocate for a sustainable Medicare program. We have advocated for a repeal of the broken funding and payment formula. We know that the cost of caring for our seniors must be reduced and we intend to be part of the solution by providing quality, cost-effective, coordinated care. MSNJ supports physician-led integrated care models to provide cost efficient, quality care.

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About MSNJ

Founded in 1766, the Medical Society of New Jersey is the oldest professional society in the United States. The organization and its dues-paying members are dedicated to a healthy New Jersey, working to ensure the sanctity of the physician–patient relationship. In representing all medical disciplines, MSNJ advocates for the rights of patients and physicians alike, for the delivery of the highest quality medical care. This allows response to the patients’ individual, varied needs, in an ethical and compassionate environment, in order to create a healthy Garden State and healthy citizens.

One response to “MSNJ Press Release: Affordable Care Act (ACA) Supreme Court Decision”

  1. Steve tom @ Medical insurance new jersey says :

    Affordable health care is very much essential for all people, one should try to get insurance in order to get health benefits at the time of emergency situation. US supreme court decision is very nice to help people.

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