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Congress Must Act to Avert Medicare Fee Cuts Before January 1

The annual rite of organized medicine seeking congressional action to avert steep Medicare fee cuts before January 1 is upon us. However, this year is different. Not only is a 27% fee cut scheduled to occur because of the flawed SGR formula, but physicians will also be subject to an additional 2% fee cut under the sequestration. Next week Congress and the President will return to Washington to face the fiscal cliff, in addition to resolving the annual Medicare fee issue. In anticipation of this, MSNJ joined virtually all of organized medicine to support SGR Transition Principles in personal letters to the New Jersey delegation. We previously gained the personal support of many of our delegation. (See MSNJ e-News dated February 16, 2012). Members are asked to watch for a strategically timed grass-roots “call to action” on this issue.

New MSNJ Dues Option

You now have the option to pay your dues in monthly installments.  Contact us at to set up your account.

*monthly service fee applies

MSNJ Offices Now Open

MSNJ operations are now open following Hurricane Sandy.

Our thoughts remain with our members and all those affected by this tragic storm.